Floyd Webb bonus audio: Besouro and Capoeira on Film

Dojo Podcast bonus audio: Floyd Webb Here’s some bonus audio from tomorrow’s podcast with filmmaker Floyd Webb. Floyd and I had a interesting part of our conversation about non-Asian martial arts films and here’s what we spoke about: Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the first half of our double feature: my conversation with Floyd Webb-The Search For Count Dante   Continue reading Floyd Webb bonus audio: Besouro and Capoeira on Film

You want me to drop the Hammer?

Dojo Tribute: Fred “The Hammer”  Williamson (image originally at http://ecelebrityfacts.com/uploads/pages/1412218175fred%20williamson.jpg) When thinking of American made martial arts films one name doesn’t come to mind ( but it should) and that’s Fred “The Hammer” Williamson.  IMDB.com lists 120 movies that Fred has appeared. The Hammer is also a producer, writer, actor and director of movies and is of course known for his role in Three The Hard Way ( with Jim Brown and Jim Kelly), One Down Two to Go, Bucktown, and That Man Bolt , the Black Cobra series and From Dusk Til Dawn. Fred has played for the Kansas City Chiefs and … Continue reading You want me to drop the Hammer?

“The King” of Kung Fu on your phone/tablet?

(courtesy of  http://www.elreynetwork.com/) Our big brothers over at ShaolinChamber36.com are reporting that for us without cable there is a way to watch El Rey Network! El Rey has been showing Shaw Brothers Kung Fu movies for some time and have an exclusive deal with Celestial Entertainment to broadcast over 250 films from the Shaw Vault! Sling TV is an app that includes live streaming of certain cable networks ( El Ray is one of many) and you know what that means for us Fu fans! For more information go to ShaolinChamber36.com for more information. For more information on EL Rey  Network … Continue reading “The King” of Kung Fu on your phone/tablet?

Kung fu movies a hit…in Uganda?!

Local Ugandan film makers are using the art of Kung fu to build a local ( and soon to be international) action movie industry. Kung Fu based movies such as This Crazy World are creating quite the buzz and also helping Ugandans overcome adversity and realize their dreams. At Film Fan Dojo we love to see how martial arts films are positively impacting people’s lives as well as giving Fu film fans other movies to watch and enjoy. Check out Slate Magazine’s feature on this exciting topic here. Continue reading Kung fu movies a hit…in Uganda?!