An unlikely source part 3

My two previous posts (part 1 and part 2) dealt with African/African Diaspora  martial arts/combat games and what , why, and how I think they could contribute to the international flavor that martial arts cinema (particularly) now and in the future has and could have and some general information on some fighting systems with African cultural roots and their respective traditions. This post will deal with what I love so much and that’s moving visual media. Let’s take a look at some African/African Diaspora combat games/martial arts from the perspective of filmmakers who document these beautiful traditions. Once again, this is not meant to be a comprehensive study on these traditions or does this post imply that these arts are the only ones of the vast and ancient cultures of the African continent or the vast richness of the African Diaspora.


Laamb (warning: graphic)

Here’s an interesting documentary which feature Laamb and Brazilian Jiujitsu

Zulu Stickfighting

Haitian Machete Fencing

Capoeira Regional-Filhos de Bimba

Check out this great documentary on the famous Mestre Bimba creator of Capoeira Regional

Please feel free to comment if you have other sources, documentaries, movie suggestions or if you are an indie filmmaker who uses these and other African/African Diaspora combat games/martial arts in your movies, comics, and novels to be included in our Indie Showcase.



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