Resurgance Of Martial Arts On Film In 2015

This is a great list by Combat Conversation. The resurgence of martial arts is definitely upon us. Even TV shows such as Agents of Shield, Arrow, Marco Polo, and others are featuring martial arts style action in their fight scenes. The Martial Arts are coming back with major force! Thanks to Combat Conversation for profiling these upcoming martial arts movies.

Combat Conversation

I’ve been a fan of Martial Arts all my life so Martial Arts films have always been my thing. I remember waking up early for Saturday morning cartoons and staying tuned to the TV for “Kung-Fu Theatre” that immediately followed, not even looking at the front door to go outside until the movies were over. Having daydreams about being the next Billy Blanks or Jean Claude Van Damme. However, quite a few years have gone by without the Martial Arts world having the popularity on film that it used to. Of course there are a few films here and there that stand out, but at one point and time Martial Arts ruled the realm of action cinema. With 2015 rapidly approaching, the rejuvenation of the Martial Arts film arena looks very promising. Here’s a brief look at some of the silver screen treats that we should be looking forward to…

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