Dojo Podcast: Dojo News Round Up

The martial arts movie world is blazin’ right now. There are many filmmakers keeping the spirit of kung fu movies alive with their own unique flavors. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting new projects that look to continue to the martial arts action flavor. As a lover of martial arts movies, especially ones with an old school style or mystique about them I am really excited to share some exciting news about our beloved film genre.


Indonesian takes center stage: When many of us think Indonesian martial arts action we think of The Raid 1 and 2. Well look out for another promising looking Indonesian martial arts film : The Golden Cane Warrior. Check out the teaser trailer below as well as behind the scenes footage from the film set to release in it’s home country December 2014. Action direction is being handled by Club Foot himself Xinxin Xiong! Be sure to check out their official Facebook Page for plot details and more!

Behind the scenes footage!

And when speaking of old school Indonesian martial arts films one cannot forget Barry Prima! Here’s a old school Prima favorite for you Jaka  Sembung aka The Warrior

Iron Monk

Another promising movie that has long been anticipated is Iron Monk starring real life Shaolin Monk Yanzi Shi, Jason Ninh Cao, Zara Phythian, Yan Lei (another real life Shaolin Monk), and Silvio Simac. Iron Monk has all the makings of an old school flavored Kung fu movie and promises 100% real Kung Fu.Visit JNC Productions to get the full story on the making of Iron Monk.

As fans we can support Iron Monk by visiting and contributing to the porject via Indiegogo. Click this link to help Iron Monk become a reality! Let’s take a look at the trailer and a message from the creators of Iron Monk.

Die Fighting is another movie generating quite a buzz! If you haven’t watched it, check out this trailer and see what the buzz (rightfully so) is about. Due out November 4th on iTunes. Save the time and purchase this martial arts action fest here.

Rise of the Legend

Although I have a feeling that there is going to be much wire-fu in this Wong Fei Hung re-boot, I am excited to see a re-telling of the legend and to see Eddie Peng play Wong Fei Hung. A second trailer has been released as well as a

2nd Trailer


Old School New School recommendation

Once Upon A Time In Shanghai (pre-order from Amazon by clicking on the picture) due January 13, 2015




Upcoming events

Chinese Kung Fu and Karate Expo 9 ( click on picture for further info)



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  1. Hello! Film Fan Dojo! Thank you for the shout out! Wanted to clarify however. The intro song you used is from my man BUDDHA KILLA he is a hiphop producer who also uses Kung Fu inspired samples. We worked togeher on my hiphop mix tape WARLORDS OF JADE PALACE which also features other members of The JADE PALACE GUARD collection.
    More info here:
    This is a fantastic blog! Thank you for your support.

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