Dojo Podcast #4: Sifu Frank Bolte


Dojo Podcast #4: Sifu Frank Bolte


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Hello Fu- Fans and welcome to another edition of the Dojo Podcast. Our guest today is a fellow Kung Fu film fanatic and he happens to be a Master of Hung Kyun ( or Hung Gar) and has a very special lineage that includes the iconic Wong Fei Hung. Sifu Frank Bolte, based in Hannover, Germany is a very fun and passionate man to talk with. His collection of Kung Fu movies is special because it includes the pioneer of old school Kung Fu movies, the Black and white Wong Fei Hong serials starring Kwan Tak Hing! Sifu Frank discusses how he started collecting these, his love for the authentic Hung Kyun contained in these treasures, his own short films, meeting legendary Shaw Brothers icon Master Lau Kar Leung , and more. Sit back and let’s take a trip down memory lane as we welcome the insight and passion of Sifu Frank Bolte to the Dojo Podcast!

Links and other items of interest

 Sifu Frank Bolte’s You Tube Channel

Wong Fei Hung in the movies Facebook Page

The 1st Wong Fei Hung movie!

Hung Kuen Academy-Hannover

Sifu Frank’s hard to find movie with Jason Pai Piao

Hung Kuen in the movies


Dojo Outro Music provided by 100pr00f


Sifu Cliff’s Chinese Kung Fu and Karate Expo 9 this coming March 2015(click on picture for more info)


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