Dojo Podcast #3: Sifu Cliff part 2


jan2010sifu cliff kupper

(courtesy ACKUNGFU.NET)

It’s Wednesday and time for another edition of the Dojo Podcast! On this edition I finish my interview with Sifu Cliff Kupper of Atlantic City, NJ. Some highlights of part 2 include a discussion of comic books, Akira Kurosawa fims, martial arts, Wing Chun, and much more. As always check out the links below to find out about more information on some of the stuff we talk about, friends of the podcast, and of course, Sifu Cliff(his projects, schools, and upcoming events). Thanks to all who listen to our podcast. Please subscribe on iTunes and help us to become better in our endeavor to bring you personalities, Martial Arts Masters, and other fans of the Old School Kung Fu genre. Thanks again!



Sifu Cliff teaching at Sifu Chow’s New Year Seminar 2010

(courtesy of

Warrior Island Comic


Chinese Kung fu and Karate Expo (click on the picture for further information and enjoy some highlights from past Expos)






Martial Arts related Pre-Orders from






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