Dojo Review: The Woman Avenger

The ladies are back with with this movie directed by Film Fan Dojo favorite Lee Tso Nam. The Woman Avenger stars the lovely Taiwanese actress Ha Kwong Li. Best known for her role of Phoenix in The Leg Fighters Ms. Ha stretches her legs again for her role in The Woman Avenger.


The Woman Avenger


starring Ha Kwong Li, Peng Kong, Tai Yee Ha, Wong Chi Sang, Yu Chung Chiu

Action Director(s): Peng Kong, Blacky Ko Sau Leung

Directed by Lee Tso Nam

Plot:  Lu Ling Chi and her husband are ambushed by bandits on the road. Lu is raped and stabbed by the bandits while her husband is killed. She survives and is rescued by a Buddhist Nun. She stays with the Nun for three years and undergoes training in the Dragon Fist style of Kung Fu. She leaves the Nun’s care and seeks revenge on the men who destroyed her life. Lu is helped by a crippled woman who also has her motives for revenge.

Commentary: Woman Avenger is a slightly different take on the standard “revenge” tale due to the horrific act of rape that was committed by the four bandits. Ha Kwong Li, an excellent actress, portrays the pain of the rape and the loss of her husband with convincing facial expressions and body language. Ha seems like a woman on a mission and I like how she is somewhat single-minded in her pursuit but also remains compassionate to those in need ( the influence of the Buddhist Nun). As usual the bad guys are bad as well as arrogant when Lu confronts them about there past wrongs. She is a woman and is taken lightly until they lock fists! Woman Avenger  makes good use of Ha Kwong Li and her attributes. Starring a woman in a revenge tale that seems to like it could be a man’s revenge tale is good to see and Ha jumps into the role with vigor and energy!

Kung Fu Content: fistfistfistfist

Action directors Peng Kong and Blacky Ko deliver the goods in this one! Ha Kwong Li’s long frame is perfectly suited to the “Dragon Fist” style and we get to see her use her very flexible kicks as well. Some of my favorite scenes are the training scenes where we get to see the Peking Opera background of Ms. Ha. Her back bridges, flips, and poses are well done and showcase just how good this woman is. The fights are well-crafted and there is enough contrast between the villains and Ha to give the characters distinction. I like how Lu Ling Chi breaks her adversary’s arm then their leg using the dragon claws. Peng Kong’s “Twins Style” is very formidable and showcases his immense talent. I am also a very big fan of the style breakdown and how the Twins Style has a weakness that must be exploited. The end fight between Lu and Kwong Wu Chi (Peng Kong) is a smash up featuring fists, kicks, flips, and showcases the talents of both Ha and Peng. All in all the Kung Fu in this movies is top notch and shows how underrated Peng Kong, Black Ko, and Ha Kwong Li have been in the Kung Fu movie industry.

Recommendation: yinyangspin-gifyinyangspin-gifyinyangspin-gifyinyangspin-gif

The Woman Avenger is an enjoyable tale of empowerment, revenge and a collection of great fight scenes, acrobatics, and Kung Fu mayhem! It belongs in the collection of any old school Kung Fu movie fan!

womanavenger1woman2 woman3 woman4

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