Dojo Five: Lar Kar Leung’s 5 Masterpieces

In a previous post, we covered the top ten Lau Kar Leung films. Some popular titles were left out and not on purpose!! We at the Dojo believe these movies to be masterpieces directed by Lau Sifu. The story, the fight scenes, and the overall quality of these movies qualify them to be Kung Fu masterpieces. Sit back and enjoy Lar Kar Leung top five masterpieces!

5. My Young Auntie– A young woman helps to stop a plot from her scheming brother-in-law involving a family inheritance. Highlight Points: Introduce Kara Hui Ying Hung as the star, amazing choreography, comedy elements, and Western Culture vs Traditional Chinese Culture.

4. Martial Arts of Shaolin– North and South Shaolin monks team up to fight a corrupt General responsible for the destruction of their families. Highlight Points: Wushu dynamo Jet Li working with Lau Kar Leung, Sport Wushu made to look like it could be used in combat (Lau influence), and beautiful locations.

3. Challenge of the Masters– A teenage Wong Fei Hong learns Hung Style from Lu Ah Tsai, faces a wanted criminal, and learn the ways of martial virtue ( Wu De). Highlight Points: First movie appearance of Wong Fei Hong as a young man, Gordon Liu vs Lau Kar Leung staff vs spear, and the rehabilitation of the villains ( as opposed to just killing them).

2. Legendary Weapons of China– Assassins are sent to track down Lei Kung who left the I-Ho sect and denounced its “spiritual boxing ” practices. Highlight Points: Chinese Boxing vs Western guns, Taoist Magic vs Traditional Kung Fu, Fu Sheng cameo, and the finale of Lau Kar Wing vs Lau Kar Leung!

1. Heroes of the East- A young married couple ( Chinese man and Japanese woman) argue over whether Japanese or Chinese martial arts are better which leads to the ultimate battle between Kung Fu and Japanese martial arts. Highlights: Kung Fu vs Karate, Kung Fu vs Judo, Chinese Spear vs Yari Spear, Lau Kar Leung as Beggar So, and Gordon Liu vs Yusuaki Kurata!

Now, Film Fan Dojo, how could you leave out Eight Diagram Pole Fighter? Stay tuned…


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