Dojo Ten: Top Ten Lau Kar Leung Movies

Lar Kar Leung is no doubt one of the greatest ( some say THE GREATEST) director of the Classic Kung Fu Film era. While all is his movies are classics The Film Fan Dojo is back with the DOJO TEN! Leave a comment and tell us if you agree!


Dojo Ten: Top 10 Lau Kar Leung movies

10.   The Spiritual Boxer– A conman poses as a Daoist Master to help a town battle a ruthless gang.

9. Return to the 36th Chamber– A down and out loser poses as Monk San Te to help out friends. After he is discovered he goes to Shaolin and trains under the real San Te in oprder to get revenge for his friends.

8. Disciples of the 36th Chamber– San Te helps out the impetuous Fang Shih Yu in his quest for revenge against the Manchus.

7. Shaolin Mantis– A court official invents Mantis style to save his wife from her revolutionary family and complete his obligation to the Ching court.

6. Dirty Ho- The 13th Prince of the royal family is in danger of being assassinated so he recruits a petty theif, teaches him kung fu and they confront the would be assassins.

5. Fists of the White Lotus– Hong Wei Ding seeks revenge on the White Lotus priest using an interesting new style.

4. Executioners From Shaolin– Hung Hsi Kwan seeks revenge on the evil Bai Mei using his Tiger Style and gets more than he bargained for.

3. Mad Monkey Kung Fu- A street performer teaches a young man Monkey Style and they get revenge on the Gangster who crippled the teacher’s hands and kidnapped his sister.

2. Martial Club- A teenage Wong Fei Hung is confronted by a rival school and must mature and develop his great skill in Kung Fu.

1. 36th Chamber of Shaolin- A young rebel flees to the Shaolin Temple and becomes a legend.

 *Now, I can here some out there; Where’s Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, My Young Auntie, and Legendary Weapons of China? Well to me these are in a category by themselves and will be the subject of a future more lengthy post! Stay Tuned!

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