Dojo Review #16: Street Figther: Assassin’s Fist

Although the Film Fan Dojo specializes in classic old school kung fu movies, from time to time a modern martial arts movie or in this case web series comes along that grabs our attention and makes us take notice. Machinima’s Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist is one of those modern martial arts programs that does justice to both the martial arts genre as well as the video game genre. After watching this series, The Dojo felt compelled to review and comment on the series. Enjoy!

Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist


(Courtesy of

starring Mike Moh, Christian Howard, Joey Ansah, Togo Igawa, Gaku Space, Akira Koieyama, Hyunri, Hal Yamanouchi, Mark Killeen

Directed by Joey Ansah

Ryu( Mike Moh) and Ken ( Christian Howard) train under the watchful eyes of Sensei Goken ( Akira Koieyama) developing above average martial arts skills. Somewhat bored and discontent with the constant repetition of basic techniques they ask their Sensei to start training them in the more advanced tecniques of Ansatsuken ( Assassination Fist). Sensei Goken agrees when Ryu and Ken describe their feeling of increased Ki (internal energy); later he leaves a note and a map detailing the location where there true training will begin. Ken and Ryu travel to the Dojo where Goken learned the Ansatsuken from his Master, Gotetsu, and discover the some of the secrets regarding Goken, his brother Goki, and the ways( both good and evil) in which to harness and train the very powerful Hadoken.

Martial Arts Content:fistfistfistfist

Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist has all the makings of a certified old school  classic. During these short webisodes we are treated to training sequences, flashback fight scenes, and the sparring sessions between Ryu and Ken. What the Dojo likes about the martial arts in the series is the authenticity to the Street Fighter video games. The fight director Joey Ansah stays true to the Ansatsuken fighting style we see in the Street Fighter games. Ryu and Ken both execute their trademark strikes, throws, and combos. This is definitely not a Hollywood production which throws away the mythology of the game series and destroys the fighting styles or the characters ( see Van Damme’s Street Fighter movie). Mike Moh and Christian Howard do an excellent job of performing Ryu’s and Ken’s mannerisms during their fight scenes. This is what makes the series an instant classic: staying true to the mythology of the fighting styles and the characteristics of the game-play.


If you are a fan of the Street Fighter game series definitely go out of your way to see this series. Also, if you are a fan of old school kung fu movies, especially the ones that focus on training sequences and the dynamic of student-master relationships this series is for you. The hard-nosed but caring Sensei element is present in this web series along with the tracing of a style’s lineage, its secrets, and warnings about traveling the path of evil. Best part of all: ITS FREE! We recommend viewing the series all at once ( it runs a little over 2 hours through 12 episodes). This is an excellent way to acquaint or re-acquaint yourself with the mythology of one of the most beloved video game franchises in recent memory. Click the link below to view the series!

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