Dojo Tribute: Korean Martial Arts

Dojo Tribute:

Korean Martial Arts

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The Directors and fight choreographers of Golden Harvest Studios were never afraid to venture outside of Chinese Martial Arts in many of their movies. Using innovation and being visionary Golden Harvest was able to capitalize on this strength in many of their projects. Director Huang Feng ,an incredible writer, producer, and a man with a keen eye for talent leads the list in using martial arts of Korean origin as the vehicles for some of his films. He directed Angela Mao in some of her best early films and her performance and talent led to her “Queen of Kung fu” status among many fans. Some of the best known and popular movies that Huang Feng used Korean martial arts (and Korean martial artists) in are Hapkido and When TaeKwondo Strikes. Although Golden Harvest was not the only kung fu movie studios to use Korean Martial Arts or Korean super kickers, the studio certainly put some of these arts on the minds of Kung Fu film fans and showed an appreciation for the deadly and graceful Korean Arts. As mentioned before Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, and Angela Mao all received rank in Hapkido and were sent to train in Korea. Thanks to the efforts of Golden Harvest and Huang Feng Kung Fu movie fans were able to witness the beauty of Taekwondo and Hapkido as well as get introduced to such legends as Ji Han Jae, Whang Ing Sik, and the great Jhoon Rhee. The Film Fan Dojo wishes to thank Golden Harvest, Huang Feng and the great Korean Martial Arts and martial artists that contributed to our love of the martial arts film.

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